Music From the Fifth Planet


“All of these stories are beautifully written: Anne Nicholls evokes setting and directs action with great skill so the the tales flow along at an effortless pace from daring beginning to satisfying end.” — From the introduction by Justina Robson

Fourteen of Anne’s best stories :

  • By Right of the Stars
  • Howie Dreams
  • Pixellated
  • The Cunning Plan
  • The World of the Silver Writer
  • The Seeds of a Pomegranate
  • Bride of the Sea
  • Dragon’s Breath
  • Wishbone
  • Fair Phantom, Come I
  • Eyes of Day, Eyes of Night
  • Dragonsbridge
  • Buried Flame
  • Roman Games

Cover art by David A Hardy

Published by The Alchemy Press and available from Amazon and other good online bookshops.